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When I started looking for a home business, I did this with the intention of being able to stay home with my children. However, the expenses of not having the extra income made me start looking for something I could do at home and still be with my children is a must. When I came across Strong Future International, I was sure that this was the company I was looking for.
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There is a lot of get quick rich quick scams, but, with SFI registered under the BBB I felt more at ease about it. The more involved with company that I get the more exciting it gets. I just received my first commission check and can't wait until I can get that check to get bigger. My questions about this being another scam is diminishing and although I know that with hard work for the first couple of years I will be able to live on the income that I can make with SFI using my computer.
The support system within SFI really attracted me to SFI. SFI has so much information that it is unreal. They have all of the information that you will ever need to get your business up and going and become a successful work at home mom. Not only that, they have a 24 hour people that will answer any question that you have. This has been real helpful because I am really new at this and have learned a lot by all of the training information that I have been reading.
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